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Steampunk Sunday has hit a milestone.

2000 Likers

I run a site on Facebook called Steampunk Sunday, Queensland Australia. Today, it reached 2000 likers. It was my birthday on Monday, so I am calling this my present from the Steampunk community. I love you all!



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Steampunk Gadgets – a video by yours truly

panel-for-backgroundSteampunk Gadgets

The link takes you to a Youtube video, with Cogpunk Steamscribe (in her Steampunk Sunday persona) discussing the delightful gadgets of the Steampunk cosplayer.


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Starting 2017 on a Steampunk High


A snipped image from my Facebook page dedicated to all things Steampunk.

I run a Facebook site called Steampunk Sunday, Queensland, Australia, dedicated to the world-wide community of Steampunk Enthusiasts. The site originally was a place to share all the interesting information and images I was discovering as I did research for my Steampunk novel. It grew along with my enthusiasm for the Steampunk genre, as my heart and mind gradually became completely ‘punked’. It is now a community of like-minded enthusiasts who love the Steampunk lifestyle, subculture, literary genre, and cosplay.

I love Steampunk for many reasons. It combines my love of science with my love of history. Most Steampunk cosplayers, tinkerers, crafty people, and artists recycle, up-cycle, reuse, and makeover clothing and items that would have ended up in the junk pile. In this era of disappearing resources, this is a fine achievement, as well as testing the creativity of many excellent Enthusiasts. And I love shiny things.

Steampunk Sunday has been a labour of love and passion. And – in the last week – it has gone from a weekly total of 4000 post reaches in a week to over 73,000. Over 150 people have ‘Liked’ the site in this past week; a jump of nearly ten percent. So Steampunk Sunday has started the year on an intense ‘high’. It is as if I suddenly tapped into all the Steampunk Enthusiasts in the world, all at once (a dream come true). I like to think I am helping people find their tribe.


The Many Faces of Steampunk Sunday


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Happy Anniverary to Steampunk Sunday!

This week is the second year anniversary of my Facebook Page, Steampunk Sunday. It was started for the same reasons as this blog, to share my passion for Steampunk and all the amazing stuff I was coming across as I did research for my Steampunk Work in Progress. It was an exercise in community building, and it has been a great success in my eyes. If you are interested, the address is:

Bride's cake for hen's night.

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