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Christmas Musings

My present from my father, brother, sister, and my sister’s family

I didn’t get any Steampunk-inspired presents for Christmas – I’m guessing my family thinks I have enough clothing, hats, and gadgets. I did get a lovely, lovely bag, some books, and some shinies. I’m a magpie and I like shiny things.

The seal and the butterfly, from my husband and youngest daughter. Shiny!

My most interesting book is a collection of Christmas stories. Most of them are sad or morose. And here I was thinking that the book would be uplifting and full of Christmas cheer.

This will be my last post for this year. See you all in 2023. Have a safe and joyous holiday period.

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The Fashion for Egyptian Revival

1920s Egyptian revival:

Egyptian Revival Jewelry:

Egyptian Revival Vulture Brooch

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Victorian Zoomorphic Jewellery; A Steampunk Perspective

Brooch made from gold and a taxidermy hummingbird head.

Brooch made with gold and a taxidermy hummingbird head.

This is one of the less endearing fashion trends of the Victorian era; the use of animal parts to create jewellery. The collection of hummingbirds for their feathers and for taxidermy decoration put some species of hummingbird at risk at the height of the practice. The use of hummingbirds to create fashion accessories is now illegal, and that is okay with me. I find the idea of hunting down tiny birds for ornithological jewellery rather distasteful, as well as the use of other animal parts for ornamentation.

Ruby-topaz hummingbird earrings  after conservation (Photography by Gates Sofer).

Ruby & topaz & gold hummingbird earrings (Photo by Gates Sofer)


In the late 19th century, craftsmen in India made Bengal tiger-claw jewelry, like this 22-claw demi-parure, for English tourists. (The Hairpin, via

Tiger Claw Parure 

Parure set consisting of tiara, earrings and necklace mounted with beetle wings, 1884-85

Parure set consisting of tiara, earrings and necklace mounted with beetle wings, circa 1884.

tortoise shell hair comb, circa 1860. Image from Pinterest.

Tortoiseshell hair comb, circa 1860

Victorian-era carved whalebone pen; image from the wbsite.

Whalebone pen


This is why I prefer modern Steampunk jewellery that uses resin models or metal casts of skulls for ornamentation. I find these items much less creepier and more ecologically sound than the Victorian version.



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Victorian Era Treen Snuff Boxes in the Shape of Shoes

Shoe-shaped Snuff Boxes

Shoe-shaped Snuff Boxes

Treen is the name given to small household items made from wood, rather than made from metal, ceramics or glass, and to differentiate the items from wooden furniture. As a big fan of shoes and boots, I love images of Victorian treen snuff boxes that mimic shoes. Here is a selection of images for your edification.

Victorian snuff box shaped like a shoe with a man's face. England, c. 1860.:

English snuff box circa 1860

Wooden shoe-shaped snuff box, England, 1801-1830:

Wooden shoe-shaped snuff boxes, England, circa 1801-1830

Antique snuff box:

19th century walnut snuff box

Antique Georgian Era Carved Wood Shoe Snuff Box, Bone Profile, ...:

Treen snuff box with bone decoration


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