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No Juice

This is my own personal name for writer’s block. I have plenty of projects to go on with, but I just don’t have any emotional connection to my muse.
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I know this is my reaction to the turbulent time my family and I are going through, with the loss of my mother being the desert I am yet to cross.

Generally, when I’m like this, I write terrible poetry. I like to think I can write excellent poetical prose, but my poetry is nearly as bad as that of Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings of Sussex. It’s so bad it’s not even bad in a humorous way.

I’m going to write a first draft of a story. Wish me luck. Or send me a lemon to suck.


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The Brown Coat Returns – adventures in Catland


Meowcolm has returned! HE LIVES!


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Adventures in Cat land


Our family has a furry member officially called Artemis, but she answers to the names of Bean, Sweetie, Whiny Baby, Beautiful Kitten, and kissing noises. Over the past two months, she has had two friends courting her and us.

There is a very black long-haired cat we dubbed Bruceman Batwayne, because his head silhouette resembles Batman’s mask. He has a very penetrating meow. When Miss Artemis walks out of his line of sight, he starts up a plantive wailing for her. It is a relief for everyone when he goes home. He pops by a couple of days a week.

However, we were also being visited by an elderly big boi we nicknamed Meowlcom Reynolds, as he was a brown-coated tabby. We suspected he was abandoned, as he was very thin and his coat was thick with grime. We started feeding him on a daily basis. He was a grumpy old man, but he was keen on scritches and loved his daily feedings.

Then he went missing this week. He hasn’t been back for five days, and I fear he has passed away. We were planning to have him looked at by the vet that does housecalls; if only he could have hung around just one more week. Is is stupid that I’m so upset that our moocher has stopped dropping by?


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Looking for a great Steampunk read?

The Epiphany Club

The Epiphany Club


I’m always on the lookout for great Steampunk books. Andrew Knighton also write short stories in the Steampunk genre.

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Sun Safety for Writers

In Queensland, Australia, we have started the long hot season of Spring/Summer/Autumn. Winter was a flop; one cold week does not a winter make.

With that in mind, let’s look at how a writer can avoid a bad burn.

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‘Vibrant Sun’ by Elspeth McLean

Using Sunscreen: There are many sorts of sunscreen for all levels of protection. For the newbie, I suggest the strongest protection levels, and learn to avoid the pitfalls of spell check, use a style guide like ‘Strunk and White’, and use a good dictionary to prevent embarrassing burns. Ask for help. Don’t let a bad burn put you off trying again. For more experienced writers, I suggest a writing group or a writing buddy for protection against the harsher weather conditions.

Wearing a Hat and/or a Shirt:  Sometimes, even the toughest skin is going to get a stinging burn if left unprotected. Prevention is easier than cure. Read the submission guidelines before submitting your work. Be a belt-and-suspenders type of writer and do your research before making a submission, and polish your submission to your best ability.

Moisturize: If you do get a burn, don’t neglect it in the hopes it will go away if you ignore it. Be proactive! Slather yourself with encouragement. Selfcare is important. Good friends will help you with those places that are hard to reach; go out for coffee with a writing buddy.

Getting a Safe Tan: The only way to become a published writer is to send stuff off.  You have to risk exposure to reach that goal.


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