Starting 2017 on a Steampunk High


A snipped image from my Facebook page dedicated to all things Steampunk.

I run a Facebook site called Steampunk Sunday, Queensland, Australia, dedicated to the world-wide community of Steampunk Enthusiasts. The site originally was a place to share all the interesting information and images I was discovering as I did research for my Steampunk novel. It grew along with my enthusiasm for the Steampunk genre, as my heart and mind gradually became completely ‘punked’. It is now a community of like-minded enthusiasts who love the Steampunk lifestyle, subculture, literary genre, and cosplay.

I love Steampunk for many reasons. It combines my love of science with my love of history. Most Steampunk cosplayers, tinkerers, crafty people, and artists recycle, up-cycle, reuse, and makeover clothing and items that would have ended up in the junk pile. In this era of disappearing resources, this is a fine achievement, as well as testing the creativity of many excellent Enthusiasts. And I love shiny things.

Steampunk Sunday has been a labour of love and passion. And – in the last week – it has gone from a weekly total of 4000 post reaches in a week to over 73,000. Over 150 people have ‘Liked’ the site in this past week; a jump of nearly ten percent. So Steampunk Sunday has started the year on an intense ‘high’. It is as if I suddenly tapped into all the Steampunk Enthusiasts in the world, all at once (a dream come true). I like to think I am helping people find their tribe.


The Many Faces of Steampunk Sunday



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4 responses to “Starting 2017 on a Steampunk High

  1. Grats, Lynne! you’ve hit the big-time at last.
    Perseverance pays off. It’s about doing what you love, rather than trying for a specific result. (Something I’ve yet to learn although I can cheerfully tell others how.)


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