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Raven Wolf of Wolf Crafts: Steampunk Hands Around the World 2015

Raven Wolf: Image taken by Lynne Lumsden Green

Raven Wolf: Image taken by Lynne Lumsden Green


I was at a Brisbane-run Hogswatch in July celebration a couple of years ago, wandering through the stalls. I knew a couple of the stall holders, but there were people there I hadn’t met before. One couple were running a leathercraft stall that had Steampunk hats and accessories, as well as an assortment of other lovelies. As I spoke with them, I was immediately stuck with their personal charisma and creativity. This was my first meeting with Susan and Raven Wolf of Wolf Crafts.

Susan & Raven Wolf at the Steampunk Charity Ball

Susan & Raven Wolf at the Steampunk Charity Ball

Raven is originally from England, but he is now living here in Brisbane and runs Wolf Crafts with Susan. His personal definition of Steampunk is:

There are so many differences, from the neo-Victorian dandy to the post-apocalyptic road warrior, they can all be Steampunk.

It was the prevalence of brass and leather in the Steampunk Aesthetic that attracted him to the Steampunk genre. And it was through their stall that he first came across the concept of Steampunk. This interest has grown until both Raven and Susan are well respected members of Brisbane’s Steampunk Community. They are active members of Steam Dreams, and attend many events in Steampunk costume – including many leather accessories of their own design. Raven is also active online. Wolfs Crafts has its own Facebook page and website, and Raven has an active presence on the Steam Dreams Facebook site and

As well, Raven surfs online for inspiration for his Steampunk leathercraft. He plans to keep making Steampunk-inspired items, and hopes to expand his skills as he challenges himself with making new pieces. He makes leather hats, harnesses, holsters, masks, gauntlets and corsets, as well as a range of smaller accessories. All of the leather accessories that he and Susan wear are of his own design and craftsmanship.

I have attended several workshops with Susan and Raven. They are both enthusiastic to try new things, and happy to help the less talented (like me) with creating Steampunk gadgets and accessories. It is families like these that are the backbone of the Steampunk community in Southeast Queensland.

An example of Raven's  leathercraft.

An example of Raven’s leathercraft. Image taken by Lynne Lumsden Green

The Wolfs Crafts Website:


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