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Curried Sultanas

This is a straightforward recipe. I make up a half a cup of the dry ingredients in a curry mix: ground coriander seeds, ground cumin, cardamon, paprika, pepper, cayenne pepper, chili powder, star anise, turmeric, ground cloves, and I also add a small amount of garlic powder and celery salt. I add some dried coriander leaves as well, but that is just my personal quirk. When these are thoroughly mixed, you layer the dry mix with sultanas in a large glass jar until the jar is full. Give the jar a really good shake to coat the sultanas.
Best left for at least two weeks, giving the jar a good shake every couple of days. The turmeric turns the fruit into a dark yellow-ish brown.
The mix dries the sultanas out as well as flavouring them, and when they are added to a curry they don’t become watery and tasteless as they absorb the fluid in the curry.
If you like spicy snacks, they go well on a fruit and cheese platter, as they add a dash of spice and colour. I marry them up with a nutty cheese like Jarlsberg or Edam.

They make a good addition to homemade trail mix.

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