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What does Steampunk mean to me and the WiP?

Cogpunk Steamscribe

Ah yes – what can I tell you about my WiP? Well, we can safe assume that it is falls into Steampunk as its literary category. But what defines the Steampunk genre?

The term retro-futurism gets bandied about a lot. I think it is a good term, but it requires some explaining to people outside of the genre, because it doesn’t specify WHICH era it applies to. Even the title ‘Steampunk’ confuses some people, because they don’t realise it means steam-powered, as in the start of the Industrial Age.  And other people only see the ‘punk’ and think the genre must be people by anarchists who pierce everything and beat up little old ladies for listening to Barry Manilow. I find it easiest to tell people I write stories in the style of Jules Verne.

The Steampunk Aesthetic and Steampunk subculture we can safely ignore for another post.

To me…

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March 31, 2017 · 8:37 am

I need this in my life by Meredith Carlisle

That duster is absolutely to die for. I love the way it poufs up where the top of the sleeve meets the shoulder (I’m sure there’s an actual term for that but I admit I have no clue what it might be) and the cut of the neckline, the way it accentuates the collarbones. The […]

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A Lady Mechanika Review by Literature for the Masses

Lady Mechanika, Vol. 1: the Mystery of Mechanical Corpse by Joe Benitez brings back the unique and incredibly well written tale of everyone’s favorite Victorian England Steampunk hero. Beautifully illustrated, this collection is sure to create another generation of fans to join the cult following Lady Mechanika already enjoys. She is Lady Mechanika, the […]

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From my Facebook page

I wrote a long-winded post on Facebook, and suddenly realised that I should share this to the blog.

Rocket for SCIENCE

Reading ‘The Martian’ to understand the contrast between modern Science Fiction to the old school ‘hard’ science in fiction of ‘A for Andromeda’. I suddenly realise that there is a good reason why my mother hates Science Fiction, since she would have first encountered the over-technical ‘gosh, gee, SCIENCE!’ of the Forties and Fifties before the revolution of the Sixties caused by writers more interested in how people react to science than just the science. So many bad stereotypes.

At least ‘A for Andromeda’ tries to break away from cliches of the era and gives the women characters equal billing as protagonists and antagonists.

Yes, this is a sweeping generalisation. I do know that there are some very beautiful Science Fiction books written before the 1960s, that have fully developed characters and made sensitive observations of how science and technology could change lives. But they were the outliers. If you read the pulps from the Forties, there were rife with testosterone poisoning, but then, WWII probably influenced the tone of the era. It was an era of heroes fighting against impossible odds.

‘The Martian’ is all about fighting impossible odds. But the heroism is low-key. It is the humanity of our protagonist that defines him. Genre writing has moved away from being restricted by its genre and is moving into the realm of mainstream literature.

Yet, I’m still happy to sit down and watch ‘Rogue One’, which is all about explosions and white hats against black hats.


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Shared from ‘I Make Stories’

For years I didn’t understand the steampunk community’s obsession with airships. I understood that they were transportation ephemera of a sort and that they harkened back to a bygone era, but I always thought they were too small. This was due in large part to my misunderstanding of their construction. I was further confused when […]

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Shared from Sly Fox and Silver Fern

My rust paste has long been one of my favorite art supplies. I can’t begin to describe how happy it makes me. This shot is of a camera I’m altering, working on the finishing touches now. To get this effect I used Inca gold and pewter over gesso, than rust paste over that, then the […]

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From the Steampunk Journal

Steampunk Journal – The best steampunk news, reviews, articles and guides When I told a family member about my Edwardian Ball campaign, she was skeptical. “Is there really enough interest in Steampunk for people to fund this?” she asked, incredulously. “You think people will care?” My answer was a resounding YES. I was so confident,…

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