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The Gay Disney Princess.

Now, I want to explore the idea of a LGBT Disney Princess.

If I had to pick a gay princess, it would be Mulan. She prefers to dress and act like a man. Her relationship with her commanding officer is too pat and neat, and isn’t mentioned in the original text (a poem). She would enjoy the freedoms from gender roles, and might also enjoy finding a woman with a mind of her own – just like in the song “A Girl Worth Fighting For” –

How ’bout a girl who’s got a brain
Who always speaks her mind?

Maybe Captain Li Shang isn’t the greatest catch, after all. He wasn’t very nice to her, and really … he thinks Mulan is a guy for the first half of the movie! Makes you wonder about Li Shang’s sexual preferences.

However, the fact Mulan is breaking gender roles doesn’t necessarily mean that she is gay. It is something of a stereotype that a cross-dresser would be gay. She might count as a transsexual princess, except she isn’t really a ‘Princess’.

Then there is Merida from ‘Brave’. She doesn’t need a man to complete her. She would also be a good selection for a gay princess. After all, she isn’t boy crazy and she is also not prepared to sit squarely in her gender role as a princess.

However, look to the prince in ‘Snow White’. He is so very, very pretty. In fact, he is nearly as pretty as the Princess Knight character in anime. It isn’t that much of a stretch to see him as a woman cross-dressing as a man. So, my choice for the first gay Disney princess is the first Disney Princess, Snow White. And it so explains how she could safely live with seven little men.

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