Steve Turnbull, Steampunk Writer: Steampunk Hands Around the World

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As a writer, I tend to make friends with other writers – particularly online. Other writers understand the unique joys and challenges of our profession; such as most writers don’t actually make a conscious ‘choice’ to be a writer – we all have nagging muses. As I get more involved in the Steampunk community, I’m making the acquaintance of other writers who delve in the Steampunk literary genre. So, even though I have only ever met Steve Turnbull in the webiverse, it is amazing how much Steve and I have in common when you consider he is a writer on the other side from the world from me.

This is one of the reasons I’ve chose Steve Turnbull as one of the representative personalities for Steampunk Hands Around the World 2015. In the coming year, Steve will be publishing twelve steampunk books. (TWELVE! Way to go to make the rest of us feel inadequate, Steve.) He just released the first one for 2015, which is the fourth in his Maliha Anderson series. I am particularly looking forward the first of his Harriet Edgbaston series – a girl’s own steampunk adventure – which is out in March.

In addition, Mr Turnbull is editing an Anthology of steampunk stories by various writers due out in October. What’s interesting is that all these stories will also be set in the Voidships universe.

He hopes to have a graphic novel version of The Lazarus Machine out this year as well. The Lazarus Machine was originally written as a web serial (serial = fixed length story). On top of all this, he also has a feature film script with a xeno-botanist as the protagonist, and that is set in the same universe. (You can see why I get on Steve, as my Professor Alice is also a botanist.)

Steve isn’t a seriously active member in his local Steampunk community, but that isn’t surprising with his writing commitments (I’m surprised he finds time to eat and sleep). He does attend Steampunk events. He also makes the time to read Steampunk genre books, like Gail Carriger, Shelly Adina, Scott Westerfield, Cherie Priest, to name a few. When he isn’t reading in the Steampunk literary genre, he is reading for research. Currently, he is investigating the Siege of Lucknow in 1857, and the Second Boer war in 1900-1902. When he does get some free time, he watches shows like Warehouse 13 or Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

 “There is a massive steampunk movement in the UK, and because the most populace areas are no more than a couple of hours apart we can get huge numbers to events. And do. The City of Manchester is the home of Steampunk. It was the powerhouse of British invention, and the Industrial revolution – including all the bad stuff, which I never gloss over.”

Steve is an active member of an online Steampunk Community. His primary social media is G+ and he runs both the Steampunk Writers and Steampunk Music communities. He is also a moderator on the Self-Publishing community and a big mouth (his term) on the Writers Discussion Group. On Facebook, he is in the Steampunk Writers group, the British Steampunk community and some local groups.

Steve claims he isn’t a full time writer as he also has a position as a contract web developer. I would beg to differ. He is actually holding down two jobs. Steve is the sort of individual who makes the Steampunk community so inspiring, with his dedication to his craft.

Steve Turnbull on Amazon:

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4 responses to “Steve Turnbull, Steampunk Writer: Steampunk Hands Around the World

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  3. A really great post! When I read on my own Facebook links that Steven Turnbull was doing 12 books this year I felt a bit faint!

    Although, I’m not complaining, it gives me more great stories to read!!

    Thanks for this post, it was a joy to read! 🙂

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