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I’m Still Steampunking…

Just got a quick question about whether or not I still consider myself a Steampunk Enthusiast.

Well, I bought all of Professor Elemental’s comics earlier this year. I consider that a hint as to where my heart lies. I might not get out much, but I’m still a Steampunk enthusiast at heart.

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Don’t just ask what your Steampunk community can do for you…

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Ask instead: What is it that I can do for my Steampunk community.

No community can exist without its members spending time together and building up the bonds of friendship, respect and trust. Your community is where you feel safe and supported. If you want to increase your enjoyment of the Steampunk lifestyle, engage with a community. This can be an online community or a social group. I am a member of several Steampunk communities, both online and in the non-virtual world, so my recommendation comes from experience.

You can remain a dabbler all your life, but this means you aren’t getting the full benefit of the community experience.

The Parasol Parade, Fort Lytton

The Parasol Parade, Fort Lytton

Being part of a community gives you the opportunity to make good friends. However, contributing to a community not only enriches your own life, but the lives of others. You can contribute in a multitude of ways:

  • by running Steampunk-themed social events
  • by running charity fundraisers with a Steampunk theme
  • by holding or attending workshops and seminars – education can be fun
  • by writing articles about Steampunk for magazines ( both online and hard copy)
  • by participating in online events like Steampunk Hands Around the World
  • by creating Steampunk-inspired works of art and exhibiting them
  • by writing Steampunk genre stories
  • by dressing in Steampunk cosplay
  • by attending conferences

You don’t have to try and get involved in all these activities. But even attempting one or two of them will greatly increase your connection to your Steampunk community. And don’t discount the fun factor, either. None of these activities has to involve what might be referred to as ‘hard work’. In fact, if it starts to feel like hard work, then you are doing it wrong.

Being part of a community gives you the security to be yourself, knowing other share your passion for shiny gadgets and corsets, beards and tea parties, fans and goggles, bustles and boots. No one is going to judge you, unless you ask them for an opinion. It gives you the freedom to be the Steampunk Tea Lady with her Sugar Tongs of Doom.

Want some sugar, my dear?

Want some sugar, my dear?

Michael Pryor, Steampunk Author and honorary Tea Lady

Michael Pryor, Steampunk Author and honorary Tea Lady

Steampunk was never meant to be taken too seriously. That is what makes it such a great community. The more you give back to your community, the more fun you will have!

Want to join an online community? https://www.facebook.com/SteampunkSunday


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