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What happened to Crabtree and McGee’s Writing Careers?


Jonny Harris as George Crabtree

Two of my favourite television characters have a lot in common, even though they exist in two very different universes. Constable George Crabtree, played by Jonny Harris, is a science-loving gentleman with literary ambitions. Special Agent Timothy McGee, played by Seam Murray, is  science geek & computer nerd who has literary ambitions. At one point, the literary ambitions played a major role in the plot lines of their respective shows. However, both seem to have abandoned the writing life.


Sean Murray as Tim McGee

Now, I was thrilled when these young men wrote their books and saw them published. Sure, they were given a hazing by their friends and colleagues, but they were successful authors! In both television series, their new status as authors played a part in the plots of several episodes. However, all that has fizzled out. If their books or writing careers are mentioned, it is only in passing.


Crabtree teaching a writing class containing L. M. Montgomery, the author of ‘Anne of Green Gables.

I think it is a shame that this aspect of their lives ended up put on the back-burners (so to speak). I know they are both characters in predominantly crime-fighting shows, but these  shows have had decade long runs with plenty of time to build up the background and personalities of their characters. George and Tim just aren’t about their jobs. No character should be defined by just one aspect of a life.


From writer to action man?

Both characters were light comic relief at the start of the run of their shows. But these are characters that have shown immense growth and added maturity. I hope that ‘growing up’ didn’t mean that they had to give up their writing careers. Writing isn’t a kiddies’ game.

I’m hoping that they both still write, but have developed the sense to keep it from their workmates.

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The Big Surprise in Murdoch Mysteries: Doctor Grace

****spoilers sweetie****

Dr Grace Murdoch Mysteries

In the Murdoch Mysteries episode ‘Toronto’s Girl Problem’, we learn that Dr Emily Grace is bisexual. I did not find this a revelation, but several other people I’ve spoken to since have expressed shock – and in one case, dismay. Then again, that dismayed person was still hoping she would find happiness with Crabtree, rather than being saddened by Emily’s sexuality; I’m afraid that ship has sailed. I wasn’t going to blog about this topic, but now I feel I must.

Being a feminist means that you want equal rights not just for women, but for everyone. This includes people with different genders and sexualities to what is considered acceptable to a conservative patriarchy. I congratulate Murdoch Mysteries on taking the step to include depictions of these people in their show, particularly as the show is generally light-hearted in tone. Dr Grace is an intelligent, beautiful and engaging character, and a staunch feminist, and it pleases me no end that she can also be a positive role model for bisexual women.

Like toilets, menstruation and runny noses, certain things never seem to pop up in fictional worlds, and I like this trend towards more ‘reality’ in my fantasy.


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