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Celebrating 30 years of (official) Steampunk

Celebrating 30 years of (official) SteampunkCelebrating 30 years of (official) steampunk

K. W. Jeter coined the term ‘Steampunk’ in a letter to science fiction magazine Locus, with the letter printed in the magazine’s April 1987 issue. It was meant to be a playful, tongue-in-cheek term for the genre. It stuck!

Steampunk was around long before 1987, but its birthday is this month. Let’s celebrate!


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Gap Year In Ghost Town Cover Preview

Gap Year In Ghost Town

This book is due out in August. I can’t wait!

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A Steampunk Guide to Hunting Monsters – Chapter Five

My free online book A Steampunk Guide to Hunting Monsters continues, and you can read Chapter 5. Automatons on an Airship for free online by clicking on the link or picture below. The Hunt is On! When a dissatisfied tourist starts messing with the settings of the automaton crew-members on the airship, the robots become a little too attentive, […]

via A Steampunk Guide to Hunting Monsters – Chapter 5. Automatons on an Airship — One Delightful Day

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Dead Magic – a book review by Chris Pavesic

Dead Magic is the fourth novel in Jorgensen’s Ingenious Mechanical Devices series and is the second novel to feature the characters of Emmeline and Immanuel. Although Dead Magic is a sequel, it is not necessary to read The Winter Garden first. (Although you absolutely should read all of the novels in this series! They are excellent.) Jorgensen provides enough details in the narrative to catch a reader up to the plot line of the new novel.

via Dead Magic by Kara Jorgensen — chrispavesic

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A Book Review by the Jane & Bex Book Blog

brian-stablefordI have one slight confusion over this book – the title. And it isn’t for the usual reasons since the book itself explains the origins of the phrase ‘scientific romance’ very clearly. No, I’m just confused that when I searched for it on various websites it didn’t appear under that title but had been expanded […]

via Scientific Romance – Brian Stableford (ed) — Jane & Bex book blog

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‘The Frozen Beginning’ Book Launch

IMG_3692I predict a great career for Daphne Robynson, the young woman in the middle of the photo. Not only did she self-publish her book, she arranged a limited edition cover for her launch. Brave, talented and a marketing whizz – she is a triple threat! Her book launch was not only a success for her; it was another great event run by Bookface Springfield.

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Unpacking Old Friends.

Pile of Books

Old Friends

I have recently moved house. After being in storage for over six years, I am finally unpacking all my 40 book boxes, and I am finding a lot of old friends. While I have been unpacking, I have been putting books aside into a ‘to-be-reread’ pile, and a lot of the same authors kept popping up. Diana Wynne Jones. Charles De Lint. Terry Pratchett. Elizabeth Ann Scarborough. Neil Gaiman. R. A. MacAvoy.

Some of these authors have left us, but I decided to tell those still with the living how much I love their work. I don’t want to regret never saying anything when their work has meant so much to me and enrich my life. It might not be much, but a kind word is better than nothing at all.

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