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My goal this Australian Financial year is to achieve 100 rejections. This means I have to send out stuff on a weekly basis, at least two submissions a week on average. Over a month, I lean towards submitting ten items or more. Over twelve months, that is 120 submissions, but that doesn’t mean 120 rejections.

Often, I never hear back from the smaller anthologies and magazines.

However, in the past month, I have received two very encouraging rejections for one story. One of the rejections pointed out that they thought the story was more suited to a younger audience than their target audience, even though they loved it. I found that comment exceedingly helpful, and I have now submitted that story to a children’s magazine.

As well, one of my stories is on the shortlist for acceptance into the Andromeda Spaceways magazine, having passed their three reading levels. If they have a space for it, it will be accepted. They informed me that only one in twenty stories get to this level, so I am pleased and excited.

These aren’t the only wins I’ve had over the past year.

With this in mind, I am already planning for next year, even though it is over two months away. I will still aim for 100 rejections, but I will also aim for a minimum of six acceptances over the space of a year – one acceptance every two months. And I hope to start sending out novels as well as short stories. I think a novel being accepted will count as three acceptances; what do you think?



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The Drop Bear

The Drop Bear, Aprilinis firstus is not really a bear, but a close relative of the Koala, Phascolarctos cinereus.  They are not a real danger to human beings, as they are neither poisonous nor are they venomous, but they can deliver a hefty whack to the head.  The creatures are quite dopey, are not very graceful, and very cowardly, as any sudden, loud noise will make them lose their grip on a branch and they plummet to the ground.  They are heavily furred, and quite well cushioned by fat, so the fall isn’t injurious to them.  It’s just any unfortunate person or animal underneath the drop bear can be seriously concussed by several kilograms of free-falling marsupial.

Even though there are no recorded Drop Bear deaths, prevention is better than cure, and you really don’t need a headache when you’re trying to enjoy a bush walk; it is best to avoid aquamarine-flowering gums and to wear a stout hat when strolling through a Drop Bear infestation.

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How to create a true villain

Enette's World

Villains I’ll admit is not my strong suit, but if there is one thing I know about it’s conflict.IMG_5958
Isn’t that what the villain is for? To create conflict?
While I would love to just ramble on about conflict, that is not what this post about. This post is about Villains… and the conflict they represent.
Villains are a convenient way to put trouble onto your hero’s lap. Stories normally go like this. Villain wants something, hero doesn’t want villain to have something and they end up fighting.
But aside from that obvious conflict there are the internal conflicts that the villain offers as well.
I want to use Harry Potter as an example here because Voldemort offers both external and internal conflict for Harry.-
External because they have to fight him and solve riddles and do all the heroic things that we love them for.
Internal because Harry sees…

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Shared from waterbanknews, Waterbank News Weekly

Yukon Industries (link), a steampunk armaments company, is also a site where you can see several of the well known steampunk creators, including Ex Machina (link), and MCM Engineering (link). Though still under the final stages of construction the destination has several features worth the visit, including the architecture of Ex Machina and some hidden […]

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Shared from authorsehanson, May Your Books Guide You Home

Here are some books that are, in my humble opinion, tragically underappreciated. We’re doing bullet points because I have to work on my WIP and sleep. Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld YA Steampunk Alternate reality, WWI Girl dresses up as a boy to fight in the war Living airships Let me say that again LIVING AIRSHIPS Some […]

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Neo-Victorian Movie Fashions – Part Three

Cogpunk Steamscribe

Bram Stoker’s Dracula may not seem like a Steampunk movie on first viewing. But any movie with Doctor Abraham Van Helsing should be automatically slotted into the Steampunk genre, because he uses modern technology to fight vampires, such as electric lamps which could be attached to a prospective victim to act as a deterrent. He is also one of the original ‘mad scientists’ of the literary world – not the action figure portrayed in some movies and comics. (However, Carl from 2002 movie Van Helsing has my undying admiration for his gadgetry.)

mina-harker-green-walking-dress-03 Mina Harker’s green walking dress, worn by Winona Ryder and designed by the late Eiko Ishioka.

Dress designs for the movie were by Eiko Ishioka. There were many gorgeous dresses in this film, but my personal favourite is the green walking dress worn by Mina , played by Winona Ryder, the original Manic Pixie Girl. Dracula was written…

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March 17, 2018 · 11:27 pm

The New Doctor’s Outfit – an insight

Image result for doctor who season 11

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March 17, 2018 · 1:38 am