Darling Dunedin

Larnach Castle, Dunedin

From Lumdsen, Dunedin was a pleasant three hour drive. The scenery – like all of New Zealand – was dramatically pretty. I was beginning to feel weary as we finally reached the outskirts of Dunedin, but it turned out that Larnach Castle was another half hour drive from the city centre. It was worth the extra drive: dry stone walls, witchy marcrocarpa trees, glorious views of the Otago Harbour, and Pukehiki itself was quite lovely. And then – THE CASTLE! Oh, it was lovely, just like a Scottish Manor mixed in with a Queenslander’s verandas. We were staying in the Lodge, as the castle is basically a museum.

The view from our window in The Lodge, looking over Otago harbour towards the sea. There is supposed to be the Dunedin Volcano in that view.

That night, we attended a banquet in the Music Room of the castle. It was an imposing room, and the food was perfection. As it was decorated in the style of the Victorian era, it felt quite Steampunk to me.

On of the chandeliers in the Music Room of Larnach Castle.
The Music Room during the day. The banquet’s tables and chairs have been cleared away.
The view from the fountain to Dunedin. The fountain sits in the circular driveway in front of the castle.
The Alice Garden of Larnach Castle.

After the banquet, I had another rough night, coughing frequently. I felt sorry for my husband, because I thought I was keeping him awake after he spent the day driving. But he was so tired, he was able to ignore most of my coughing. I managed to get enough sleep to make up excited for our plans for the day – The Royal Albatross Centre in the morning, and afternoon tea at the castle in the afternoon. Stay tuned for that update, where I get to meet a stampede of Ferraris.



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2 responses to “Darling Dunedin

  1. Fab. I’ve never stayed there as a guest. did ‘The Tour’ about 35 years ago, and attended a big ‘event’ in the function hall off to the side in about 1977. (a ghastly thing, really, a forerunner of the Goth scene with a smattering of cosplay and people being weird and creepy and ‘dark’. not my bag.).
    As to ‘The Dunedin Volcano’ – well the entire place is volcanic. The harbour itself being about five in a row. There were about forty all told. The nearest to you there is called “Harbour Cone’ … and bugger me dead: I look on Google Maps and there is a “Dunedin Volcano” now listed. That’s new!
    Marketing, perhaps?
    Have a fab day tomorrow. I’ve been to the Albatross place, of course. Been EVEYWHERE!
    And there is an authenitc Chinese Garden right in town. All developed since I’ve been gone. Was last resident there in 1979 -(ref my earlier story of joining crazy theatre-lady’s traveling show).

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