Hand-in-hand; Victorian-era Hand Jewellery

Cogpunk Steamscribe

turquoise-and-diamond-cluster-two-hands-clasp-c-1835 Turquoise and diamonds in the form of two hands clasping, circa 1835

In the Victorian era, jewellery was worn not just for ornamentation, it was often worn because it meant something to both the wearer and/or the people who saw her wearing the piece. Hands were a popular symbol. They could be clasped in love or friendship, or clasping items with their own symbology.

The ring below is an early Victorian-era  Betrothal Ring, circa 1840. The Clasped Hands, which have a male and female cuff, open to reveal a gold heart on the central band. An Early Victorian Gold Clasped Hands Betrothal Ring. The Clasped Hands, which have a male and female cuff, open to reveal a Gold Heart on the central band. Circa 1840.jpg

Flowers had a whole range of meanings, depending on the the types of flowers.

ivory-and-silver-hand-brooch Ivory hand clasping roses – symbols of love – and forget-me-nots.

hands-with-bouquets-earrings Ivory earrings clasping roses and forget-me-nots.

Snakes represented eternal love or wisdom.


coral-and-gold-brooch Coral and gold pin

A hand grasping a rod was seeking guidance or comfort in time of need.



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