Adventures with Tilly Mint

We’ve had Tilly Mint for half a year; we took her in after her previous owner passed away. I’ve never had a long haired cat before, and I am AMAZED at how much she sheds. However, it is her two recent personal quirks I want to share with you.

Last night, we called for Tilly to come in, so that we could lock the doors. Tilly is such a good girl and always comes when called (unless she is asleep). No Tilly.

Were we mistaken and was she inside? We searched. No. No Tilly.

I went outside and called her. I can’t see very well in the dark and wondered if she was playing hide-go-seek. So my husband, who had good night vision, went out to look for her. Still no luck.

Then my daughter calls out, “Tilly’s on the window ledge to the study, crying to be let in.” Tilly had got lost in her own backyard, and couldn’t find her way to the back door of the house. She has a very soft voice, and so we didn’t hear her crying over our calling for her.

Our backyard isn’t that big. But apparently it’s still too big for Tilly.

Then, this morning, she’s discovered the fun of chasing toys around the bathtub. She has led everyone in the house into the bathroom to see how much fun it is. Usually, when she is leading you anywhere, it’s to her brushes, because she loves to be brushed.

Tilly has a very sweet and endearing personality. But I’m having doubts about her orientation skills…

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