More Good News

Persistence pays off. After two years of submitting to DailySF, I have had a story accepted!Image result for cherry

My story, currently titled ‘Cherry Ripe’, made the grade. I did have one other story make it to the second level of reading, but it didn’t get accepted. For DailySF, appears I get better results with humour than with any other writing style. 




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4 responses to “More Good News

  1. Pleased for ya!
    Goes to show that pouring out the submissions *does finally work.
    (Nobody look at me, alright?)

    • I’m also learning what each market prefers, and I am tailoring the submissions.

      • Well I tried – but the lady did not want any of my artworks for her event. Probably because I got firm-of-purpose and requested the works be covered by insurance – also making the point that artists should be paid. (One that I did not push, just left it hanging.)
        I have not heard from her for a week.
        Since you were her chosen go-between, I’m getting back to try and determine whether Anna and I still have the free tix to the show (assuming our requirement to attend her opening-night event).
        What do you know?

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