Adventures in Cat land


Our family has a furry member officially called Artemis, but she answers to the names of Bean, Sweetie, Whiny Baby, Beautiful Kitten, and kissing noises. Over the past two months, she has had two friends courting her and us.

There is a very black long-haired cat we dubbed Bruceman Batwayne, because his head silhouette resembles Batman’s mask. He has a very penetrating meow. When Miss Artemis walks out of his line of sight, he starts up a plantive wailing for her. It is a relief for everyone when he goes home. He pops by a couple of days a week.

However, we were also being visited by an elderly big boi we nicknamed Meowlcom Reynolds, as he was a brown-coated tabby. We suspected he was abandoned, as he was very thin and his coat was thick with grime. We started feeding him on a daily basis. He was a grumpy old man, but he was keen on scritches and loved his daily feedings.

Then he went missing this week. He hasn’t been back for five days, and I fear he has passed away. We were planning to have him looked at by the vet that does housecalls; if only he could have hung around just one more week. Is is stupid that I’m so upset that our moocher has stopped dropping by?


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2 responses to “Adventures in Cat land

  1. On I can so relate. We had a beat-up old boy come visiting many a time back in 2014, we called him Zane, and he was incredibly loving once he got over his stray-cat fears. I really hoped … a few more weeks … and he’s settle in.
    Then he vanished. Just – gone.
    My big old softy heart still haz the sadz.

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