Try, try, and try again

Monday, I sent off my non-fiction zombie bug book and got a rejection the very same day. So today (Tuesday), I sent it off to another educational publishing house. Many successful writers advise that persistence pays off. To be truthful, a rejection stings less when you have plenty of other work out seeking publication; you can’t obsess over one failure.

I feel I am playing Pokemon Go – I keep throwing my ball until I catch my target.Image result for pokemon go




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2 responses to “Try, try, and try again

  1. Jack "Blimprider" Tyler

    The same day? That beats my record! I once sent a manuscript to a New York publisher by snail mail (I’m in San Diego), and got a rejection slip four days later. The receptionist had to have held the postal carrier while he or she wrote my address on a “No Thank You” card and handed it back to him. Amazed and disappointed all in one smooth motion…

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