The Drop Bear

The Drop Bear, Aprilinis firstus is not really a bear, but a close relative of the Koala, Phascolarctos cinereus.  They are not a real danger to human beings, as they are neither poisonous nor are they venomous, but they can deliver a hefty whack to the head.  The creatures are quite dopey, are not very graceful, and very cowardly, as any sudden, loud noise will make them lose their grip on a branch and they plummet to the ground.  They are heavily furred, and quite well cushioned by fat, so the fall isn’t injurious to them.  It’s just any unfortunate person or animal underneath the drop bear can be seriously concussed by several kilograms of free-falling marsupial.

Even though there are no recorded Drop Bear deaths, prevention is better than cure, and you really don’t need a headache when you’re trying to enjoy a bush walk; it is best to avoid aquamarine-flowering gums and to wear a stout hat when strolling through a Drop Bear infestation.


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