How to create a true villain

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Villains I’ll admit is not my strong suit, but if there is one thing I know about it’s conflict.IMG_5958
Isn’t that what the villain is for? To create conflict?
While I would love to just ramble on about conflict, that is not what this post about. This post is about Villains… and the conflict they represent.
Villains are a convenient way to put trouble onto your hero’s lap. Stories normally go like this. Villain wants something, hero doesn’t want villain to have something and they end up fighting.
But aside from that obvious conflict there are the internal conflicts that the villain offers as well.
I want to use Harry Potter as an example here because Voldemort offers both external and internal conflict for Harry.-
External because they have to fight him and solve riddles and do all the heroic things that we love them for.
Internal because Harry sees…

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