Why was I silent for so long?

I live in Southeast Queensland, Australia. Summer here is HOT and HUMID. It fried the drive of my previous computer. My incredibly talented husband replaced the drive, but as my computer was considered elderly at 6 years of age, the new drive wasn’t that great a match and I had to face the fact that I needed a new machine. *insert sad face here* I borrowed my husband’s tablet while sourcing a new computer, which was awkward to use and so I got a LOT of housework done over the past ten days.

It has been an interesting two weeks, which will give you an sight into the past two months. My husband’s car has ‘died’ twice … fuel issues and the starter motor was fried. I smashed up my car in the world’s slowest accident; it didn’t survive the insurance assessment, which says it costs more to fix than the value of the car. The microwave oven died and had to be replaced. One of my casserole dishes suffered a catastrophic failure to function and shattered while I was cooking dinner (a real explosion of flavour).

On the upside, my premature little great-nephew is now tube free. My sister’s daughter – my godchild – is in labour about to produce another family baby, Max! I received the sweetest rejection ever … my story was too adorable to fit into their anthology (that story is back out trying to find a home). I have come up with a great concept for another short story. My house is really tidy, for once.

Sorry for the quiet time. We will now resume normal service.

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