Boots before Corsets: the Steampunk Shoe Fetish (Part One)

Cogpunk Steamscribe

Victorian Shoes fashion blue vintage shoes old antique victorian historical 19th century - WANT THESE!!:

I’m afraid I have a weakness for shoes and boots. I don’t like admitting it, because it is such a cliché for a woman to love shoes. But I blame my Great Aunt, who gave me her wedding boots as a gift, and I blame my great grandfather, who was a cobbler and a boot maker. I was driven by both nature and nurture to love shoes.

1870 velvet and gold leather button boots.: 1870 velvet and gold leather button boots

antique shoes, victorian shoes, shoes 1900, shoes 1895, antique dress, 1900, antique gown, shoes Vienna Victorian-era, jet-beaded, leather lace-up boots dating from 1895

Pair of woman's boots, embroidered silk lined with linen and kid with leather soles, c. 1885, French.: Embroidered silk-lined boots, made with linen and kid, with leather soles, circa 1885

It wasn’t until the 18th and 19th centuries that they started making pairs shoes that were distinctly left and right. This is obvious from Queens Victoria’s wedding slippers below, where the shoes have nearly identical configurations. By the end of the 19th century, shoe making was taken to a high art and all pairs of…

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