Paranoia and the Magic Box

When I sit down to write
I pray that I am not a fraud and
That I am a real writer.
I often feel that I am
Misguided, deluded or insane
To spend so much time
On Writing.
I wish I had the Magic Box
That my author friends have:
The Magic Box of Wonderful Ideas.

I need a key to open it.

And yet, I toil on,
Hoping, hoping,
That hard work can be a substitute for talent.
(And that I am not a fraud.)
And then I decide to make my own key from my paranoia …
And write this poem.


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4 responses to “Paranoia and the Magic Box

  1. The Magic Box of Wonderful Ideas is not that special. Successful writers need to check out the contents of the Un-magic Box of Unwavering Self-belief.
    I’ve seen mediocre writers go far further on that than anything I can muster from the Big Box of Unique Talents I Didn’t Even Ask For.

  2. Oh, and I’ve got to ask: ‘paranoia’?

    Props for the poem, BTW. I’ve reached certain points were an angst-ridden poem really helped clear the air!

  3. wsmarble

    Of the many writers on WordPress, there are six I must read every single day. You are one of the six, and your authentic introspection is why. We must suspect whether anything is truly 100% imaginative or 100% original….or if instead we are continually synthesizing fragments of past notions, standing on the shoulders of giants. And in so doing, we lend one more dimension of immortality to those giants…the argonauts upgrade their ride. Please PLEASE just keep writing, whatever occurs to you!

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