The Lollies and Sweets of the Victorian Era: a Steampunk Perspective

Cogpunk Steamscribe

This blog was inspired by a Facebook discussion with my friend Sarah, so I’m dedicating it to her.

Mad Scientist candy buffet A Steampunk ‘Mad Scientist’ Candy Buffet


     In speaking of confectionary, it should be remarked that all the various preparations above named come, strictly speaking, under that head; for the various fruits, flowers, herbs, roots, and juices, which, when boiled with sugar, were formerly employed in pharmacy as well as for sweetmeats, were called _confections_, from the Latin word _conficere_, ‘to make up;’ but the term confectionary embraces a very large class indeed of sweet food, many kinds of which should not be attempted in the ordinary cuisine. The thousand and one ornamental dishes that adorn the tables of the wealthy should be purchased from the confectioner: they cannot profitably be made at home. Apart from these, cakes, biscuits, and tarts, &c., the class of sweetmeats called confections may be thus…

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