Rehoming Felix.


Alas, my cat, Felix Fluffy Bum, has bitten me for the third time in ten weeks. The second bite put me in hospital with cellulitis, and now I am antibiotics again to prevent a second bout of cellulitis. My doctors (and husband) are encouraging me to rehome Felix, as he isn’t the best cat for a diabetic.


My problem is that none of the rehoming facilities for cats will accept a biter. If I hand him in to the RSPCA, I can’t guarantee he won’t be put down. What I need is a nice farm in South East Queensland who would like another mouser, or a hermit with wooden legs who never has visitors.

You can't resist my good looks - Sept 2015.JPG

Felix is a remarkable handsome boy, and 98% of the time he is a sweet boy. I really need some suggestions as to how to rehome him.

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