Being Short – a whinge


I am just under five feet one inch tall, or 154.5 cm … and that .5 of a centimetre is very important to me. I used to be a little taller, and claimed I was the model for that song with the lyrics “Five foot two with eyes of blue”. Being short has defined my life in many ways.

It is hard to be taken seriously when you are short woman with a baby face and a girly voice. Even when you are being serious – even enraged – no one is scared or intimidated or even respectful. I was hoping that age might correct the problem, but it didn’t. The imag above is my life!

Tomorrow, I will discuss how a characters height might affect their attitudes and their interactions with others. For example … most of the leading men in movies must be seen to be taller than their love interest … even if it means they are standing on a box a lot.


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