Missing In Action

Well, I am back from the hospital, wobbly on my pins. I was released yesterday afternoon, but as soon as I got home I went to bed, only getting up to eat dinner. My lovely Emily and her partner, Anthony, came over last night to make me dinner and bring me flowers, and I was the worst company.

For those who might not know, my darling Felix bit me again, and this time I got a life-threatening infection – partly because I am a diabetic. Cat bites are like needle injections, they go deep. My blood is sweet, and the groobleis of the infection love sweet things. As the infection worked underneath, where I couldn’t see it, it sent my sugar out of control, making me even sweeter. It was a diabolical feedback situation.

Now I have to admit I’ve been a bad diabetic and I haven’t been checking my sugar very much this year, because I felt perfectly healthy. I imagine my first cat bite also ruined my sugar control. I’ve been lucky, as my liver is only mildly damaged and will heal, and my kidneys are undamaged. I was told that forty years ago I would have lost my foot. However, the doctors did say I cleaned the bites correctly, and I did the clever thing by coming into the hospital when my foot started to swell and feel like it was thrust into a pit of coals. (HAH! I’ll bet I should have gone to the hospital with the other cat bite.)

We are looking at several options with what to do with Felix. It was suggested to me that Felix is not a cat that should be living with a diabetic. (Even though I love him to pieces.) We think he bit me because we moved my work table from the dining room into my new study. He is a cat who needs to live with people who don’t change things around, and don’t have children or elderly people living in or visiting the house, or that many visitors at all. We have too much of all of the above, and it stresses Felix.

The other possibility is behaviour modification and chemical sedation, which I think is a little cruel. Felix is just a young boy, and he would be taking sedatives for the rest of his life. And there is the issue of getting them into him.

I don’t really know what to do. But I can’t afford another cat bite infection.

As for my diabetes, I now have a new toy, because apparently you should change your sugar checker every four years and my old one is nine years old. I have an appointment to the Ipswich Diabetes Clinic. I have to make an appointment with my GP to have follow up visits with a podiatrist. I have been told to exercise or lose the use of my extremities and LOSE WEIGHT! One dress size is good, but I need to aim for slenderness.

And that is the story behind my lost weekend. As for my souvenirs, I have an impressive big purple bruise on my belly from the various needles, and a swollen, red foot that is a work in progress. I’ve been told to keep up my foot as much as I can … which will cut down on my computer use. So, I will be less on Wordpress for a little while. But I still love you all.



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2 responses to “Missing In Action

  1. How fragile is this mortal coil. What a drama! (I did not know any of that stuff re diabetes. Urgh, argh, & gasp!)

    Anyway, good to know you’re back in the pink. Thanks for the tale. Well -written!

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