So, what’s happening with Lynne?



As you can all see, I am trying out a new hair colour. I quite like the intensity of the colour, and it is lasting longer than the pastel shades. But that isn’t really what this blog is about, is it?

I have been feeling much more energised about my career as a writer. Maybe it is my increased effort to send stuff out into the big world, the actual business cards, or the fact that I’m taking bigger risks. Maybe it was reading John Birmingham’s inspiring book, which basically boils down to “Go Big, or Go Home!”


If you haven’t already bought a copy, what’s your excuse?

I am at a point where I can the limited horizons of my life closing in (probably an insight fuelled by the death of Terry Pratchett). Time to stop playing it safe. Then, if I don’t succeed, it wasn’t because I didn’t try.

As a younger woman, I had safe hair, safe clothes, and I did all the right things. And what I’ve learnt is that Nice Girls might not finish last, but they don’t finish in front, either. What they get is a beige and unexciting life. I’ve never been a big fan of beige.

Part of my problem was that I was a small woman with a small voice and a baby-ish face, so that getting older has actually worked to my advantage. People no longer assume I am twelve. With increasing respect, I’ve discovered to respect myself. Trust myself more. Listen to my own voice with confidence, rather than assuming I will be silenced.

My goal is to collect 100 rejections this financial year – because rejections mean I’m sending stuff out. I’ve applied for a job with the Queensland Writers Centre; I didn’t get it, but I applied. Now I have applied for an internship with Bitch Magazine.

I have 11 rejections under my belt. I need to up my game to reach my target.





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One response to “So, what’s happening with Lynne?

  1. I, too, played it safe – for almost 28 years – before being shat on. I decided to take a deep breath, write those books and self publish them.
    Go for it, Lynne!

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