Fleshing out your Manuscript; this is the companion piece to ‘Flensing’.

Cogpunk Steamscribe

So, you have finished the first edit of your manuscript. You should feel a real sense of achievement … many people never get to this stage. But don’t send it off to market just yet. You now need to read it with a careful eye and look for weak points that need more substance.

Even the best writers have their weaknesses, so don’t feel like a failure if you have one. My biggest weakness is setting. I have to force myself to give more details to settings, to make them a three dimensional place where my characters can move and breathe and live. I do this by treating my setting as another character who has a ‘voice’ and takes part in the ‘dialogue’. Your weakness might be writing action, or dialogue, or some such. You might need to give your manuscript to a beta-reader to spot your weakness, as weaknesses have…

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