Flensing the Manuscript

Cogpunk Steamscribe


I am in the process of editing and rewrites at the moment. Once upon a time, I thought this was the easy part of the writing process. That was a long time ago, but I can still remember thinking a first draft was pretty much a last draft. I was seven years old.

I read once the Robert Heinlein was famous for writing a novel without rewrites. I now know that either he was being economical with the truth (which I doubt very much), or that he spent a great deal of time planning and plotting his books before he wrote them (much more likely). No one, not even a genius, can sit down and write a perfect book from scratch.

Everyone talks about their writing process. But the editing process is just as important. I’ve never been an “over writer”, someone who writes 100 words and then only keeps 50…

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