Fums Up 02

The Fumsup charm was popular at the end of the 19th century and up until WW1. This sort of lucky charm went with many a soldier to war. Fumsup is baby talk for ‘Thumbs up’. The luck was in the wooden head – touch wood – and in the cheery gesture of thumbs up!

I only just found out about this charm, and had to share straight away.

Fums up!

For Luck.

Behold in me

The birth of luck

Two charms combined


My head is made

Of wood most rare

My thumbs turn up

To touch me there.

To speed my feet

They’ve Cupid’s wings: 

They’ll help true love

’Mongst other things.

Proverbial is

My power to bring

Good luck to you

In everything.

I’ll bring good luck

To all away –

Just send me to 

A friend to-day.


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