Casual Sexism – a Steampunk Femininist Perspective


Mary Anning –  another woman too damn clever for her own good?


[Pat] wasn’t exactly pretty; her face had too much honest intelligence for that.

Lester Del Rey, 1951

I own several anthologies written or edited by Lester Del Rey. I have probably read that sentence thirty times. But, for the first time, it grated across my nerves. Pat is an engineer, and isn’t considered ‘pretty’ because of her ‘honest intelligence’. So, from this sentence we can assume the narrator believes intelligence women aren’t pretty, and pretty women aren’t honest or intelligent. That is every woman I know insulted, and most more than once.

She blinded me with science

“Good heavens, Miss Sakamoto! You’re beautiful!”

The sad thing is … things haven’t changed much since 1951, when Lester wrote this sentence.


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