Lynne’s Eleven Rules for Life

Rule 1: Don’t wait for the right time. The right time never comes.


Rule 2: Always soak the saucepans as soon as you have emptied them (especially mashed potatoes).


Rule 3: Whenever a builder quotes a monetary amount or time for any project, double it and you’ll be closer to the truth. Builders are optimists.


Rule 4: Carry enough change for a call phone, even if you have a mobile phone.


Rule 5: There is no such thing as a bad day at the beach.

Addendum to rule 5: Know where your towel is (especially if the beach is crowded).


Rule 6: Tictacs are a good tactic. Or any kind of peppermints are your friends.


Rule 7: For every cup of coffee drink a glass of water.


Rule 8: Only way to be a writer to sit down and write.


Rule 9:Never be embarrassed to ask a question.


Rule 10: Always get the young man’s number.


Rule 11: Never say ‘no’ to free food when you are a university student.


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