Sapiosexuality and the Steampunk Feminist

Cogpunk Steamscribe


The sexiest people are thinkers.

Vivienne Westwood

When I was at university, the graffiti in the toilets was of a very high standard. One of the most interesting comments I read was “The reason most women care more about their looks than their education is because most men can see better than they can think.” I’ve often wished I knew who said that first, or at least could have met the girl who wrote that on the toilet wall, to shake their hand. At first glance, this comment sounds rather passive-aggressive and misandristic, but let’s break it down into its component messages.

  1. Heterosexual women want to attract men, because they like men.  People tend to overlook this part of the comment, which is why I’ve mentioned it first. This is the complete opposite of misandry.
  2. Women are encouraged by society to valorise their looks over their intellect. Constantly. Everywhere you look. This…

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