Iron Jawed Angels and Silent Sentinels: a Steampunk Feminist Perspective

Cogpunk Steamscribe

A woman suffrage activist protesting after 'The Night of Terror.' [1917] A woman suffrage activist protesting after the infamous ‘The Night of Terror.’

It might seem from this blog that the only Suffragettes were the English Suffragettes. Women’s suffrage had movements in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and – of course – America (and other places as well). American women fought long and hard for their rights. From the 1860s onward, American suffragettes fought hard to gain their right to vote, with some of the most brutal and evil forces acting against them.

On of the most shocking episodes is referred to as ‘the Night of Terror’.The Silent Sentinels were organized by Alice Paul and the National Woman’s Party to peacefully protest in front of the White House during Woodrow Wilson’s presidency. Thousands of different women picketed day and night except for  Sundays, and many were arrested during this vigil. The Night of Terror happened November 14, 1917, when thirty-three of the protesters were attacked by…

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