The Birmingham Piddler

Steven’s Model Dockyard  – The Birmingham Dribbler/Piddler.

Stevens’s Model Dockyard built toy trains that moved using actual steam power. From the 1840s, they were a popular toy. I’m wrapping presents today, and I was thinking about Victorian toys. The majority of the toy trains were built in Birmingham,and they left a trail of water behind them (hence the nickname). Some of the early models were prone to explode. This was an era when kids toys had no safety features.


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5 responses to “The Birmingham Piddler

  1. Rather disappointed, really. When I saw “The Birmingham Piddler” I expected a gripping tale of mystery and intrigue as Victorian-era detectives tried to identify the notorious ‘Birmingham Piddler’ – a man who made himself infamous by urinating in the most unlikely places, like in the boots of the Lord Mayor or in his tea.

    Oh well, exploding children’s toys will have to do instead.

  2. I love antique toys. My grandfather is a pack rat, and has several toys from his youth. Granted, his are from the 1920s, but if you look at the toys of any generation, it gives you a glimpse into the minds of both the children that played with them, as well as the people that designed them. And the toys of the 19th and early 20th century are both interesting, and a little terrifying.
    Even into the middle of the 20th century, you have to wonder if there was a subconscious desire to put children in harm’s way. I remember playing with the lawn darts with the spiky metal tip – without adult supervision!

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