Steaming Up Your Goggles: Steampunk Romance

Today, I was brave and I dabbled in writing in a romantic scene. It seems I can write one when it is completely necessary to the plot and not out of character for the participants.

Cogpunk Steamscribe

To be honest, I suck at writing romance. I get embarrassed, imagining my children or my mother reading a romantic scene and snickering. But, of course, not every writer suffers from the same flaws as me. Your greatest talent may be writing romance. So, does the Steampunk genre have room for romance andadventure?

Cassandra Clare's  'Clockwork Prince' Cassandra Clare’s
‘Clockwork Prince’

The answer to that is a loud and definite YES! A perfect example would be Cassandra Clare’s Young Adult trilogy, The Infernal Devices. Paranormal romance is one of the biggest sectors of the YA market, and Steampunk is a genre easily adapted to combine with the Romance literary genre. Clare is better known for her The Mortal Instruments series, which is set in the modern day, but her Steampunk trilogy is a prequel to that series.Clare started out writing fanfic, but was soon able to turn her passion for writing into a…

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