I blogged this a long time ago. I thought it might be nice to give it another airing.

Cogpunk Steamscribe

Image – Spooky short stories I wrote sixteen years ago. 


Pammy watched the waves break, wondering about last night, and where she had left her shoes. The broken water was the same colour as lead, for the sun was still to rise; though the blue sparkle on the horizon promised daylight was just moments away.

Last night’s occasion had been quite a ‘do’. Then again, you only ever have one high school graduation party.

Pammy had a blurred recollection of too many illegal drinks, and a sudden desire to swim in the nearby sea. She didn’t actual recall getting out of the ocean after her dip, but all the signs pointed to her following her drunken impulse. Her dress was stiff with salt and sand. Her hair was a soggy, chilly mass, the pretty chignon of last night now a matted knot resting at the base of her neck.

Her mother…

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