Burning Down the House

I am in the last gasp of National Novel Writing Month. I am struggling, even though I had a good plan/plot in place. I don’t think I’m going to make it…

I am tempted to have a ‘Burning Down the House’ moment, where I kill everybody off and start again.

Too much pressure. Too many ideas. I’m finding it difficult to focus on just one thing. It is too hot and humid to think in the afternoons. I want to be editing my other two WiPs. I’m too easily distracted.

The Opposite of Writer’s Block is the ‘Burning Down the House’ moment.

So, what to do? Sometimes, a house just has to burn itself out.


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4 responses to “Burning Down the House

  1. I don’t know about killing everyone, but if you have an incredibly black moment for the main character, they will no longer have to hold back, they think they’ve got nothing to lose, so you can pull out all the stops. Similar to burning down the house, you can realize all those things you wouldn’t have considered, including killing off some characters if you like. 🙂

    I’m at 40,910 words myself. That may sound good, but I have a convention weekend after Thanksgiving, so I won’t have much more opportunity for long stretches of writing time before the end of the month.

    And it also looks like even if I hit 50K on time, this story won’t be complete by then. I suspect it’s another 60,000 word book, just like the two before it in the series. I feel it in my gut that I’ve got to kill someone off to solidify this thing. It’s the end of a series, but there are some characters I’d like to use again someday, so my choice isn’t obvious or easy.

    Best of luck from the other side of the world!

    • Oh Chris, I am writing a series of interlocking adult fairy stories based on traditional fairy tales. My last scene was when I had the Little Mermaid stab her unfaithful Prince in the heart so that she could be reunited with her sisters. I think I’ve shocked my own muse.

      • Shocked, maybe, but I’m impressed. I say go with it! The Disney Little Mermaid Movie always resonated with me, but giving her a vicious streak like that, standing up for herself, makes her even more intriguing!

      • I have always loathed both the H. C. Andersen ending and the Disney ending. I prefer women who save themselves. And I always felt sorry for her sisters, left behind to mourn their baby sister.

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