The Girl Who Died: a Doctor Who Episode Review

Spoilers Sweetie! Be Warned.

Ashildr and the Doctor

‘The Girl Who Died’ was a classic episode. Witty dialogue. Monsters. The Doctor translating a baby’s cries; nicely done, and much more poignant than Stormageddon’s dialogue. Dragons! Gods! Clever use of the Sonic Sunglasses. When the episode finished, I felt cheated because it felt way too short.

Ashildr is possibly my favourite character ever, apart from Osgood. I know exactly how having an over-active imagination can make you feel isolated, and how you appreciate those friends and family who love you even if they don’t understand. I hope Ashildr finds at least one person who understands her as well as loves her; I’ve been lucky enough to marry such a person AND give birth to one.

However, my favourite moment in the episode was the moment the Doctor recognised why he had ‘chosen’ this face. It was lovely to see that the legacy of Donna Noble will never leave the Doctor. She made him a better person.

I can’t wait to see ‘The Woman Who Lived’. Apart from the clever use of ‘Who’ in the title, I really want to see more interaction between the Immortal Storyteller and the Doctor.


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