Crimson Peak is Equal Parts Beautiful and Terrifying

For Whom the Gear Turns


Generally speaking, I don’t watch that many horror flicks. At least, I don’t watch that many GOOD ones. I tend to watch bad, low-budget productions for the accidental comedy and goofy effects; in other words, ones that won’t give me nightmares. But, for the sake of my fabulous readers, I took the plunge and saw Crimson Peak, which looked legitimately freaky based on the trailer (see below).

And yes, yes it was. But, it was also in turns gorgeous and subtle as well as brutal and spine-tingling. Director and co-writer Guillermo Del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy) struck a delicate balance of mystery, horror and eye-candy in this unique film.

Crimson Peak

Unfortunately for me a major plot point was given away in a conversation right before I entered the theater, so I won’t do that to you (though I think I would have guessed it anyway based on the strength…

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