Steampunk Movie Review: Sleepy Hollow (1999)

I must admit, I did already like this film. This is a trim review.

For Whom the Gear Turns

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Painting from 1858 of the climax of the story Painting from 1858 of the climax of the story

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow first appeared as a short story in 1820, and has gone on to be one of the most enduring American ghost stories of all time. In the original short story by Washington Irving, a hapless schoolteacher by the name of Ichabod Crane is pursued by the ghost that haunts his village in the year 1790 in New York state. I remember watching a short film of this story at Halloween every year in elementary school, and compared to its adaptation by director Tim Burton in 1999, that was definitely child’s play.

johnny_deep_sleepy_hollow_002In the film, the character of Ichabod Crane has been fundamentally altered, except perhaps for still being a bit on the hapless side. Crane (Johnny Depp) is a police constable in 1799 in New York City who is convinced that science and reason…

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