How to Punk Your Steam Part 8.1: Make it Supernatural

This is an excellent article for Steampunk Writers.

For Whom the Gear Turns

Steampunk isn’t just about crazy technology and altering history, there is an undeniable supernatural element to many works as well, and for a very good reason. The Victorian era, as well as the period immediately before, saw a rise in belief in the supernatural. I’ve discussed the Spiritualist Movement with its ghosts and mediums in another post, but people of this time were also concerned about fairies, vampires, werewolves and other frightful figures. Why, in the face of technological advancement and rationalism, did this resurgence occur? And how can authors, makers and gamers use this historical fact to their advantage?

Rational vs. Rationale

The Industrial Revolution saw the rise of many dichotomies that somehow managed to live side by side. Though it may seem strange to us in our own time when we can get information on anything we want by poking a little box we carry in our pocket…

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  1. We are so spoiled, aren’t we?

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