The Magician’s Apprentice and The Witch’s Familiar : an Episode Review

Spoilers Sweetie! If you read the rest of the article, please be warned it covers the two latest episodes of Doctor Who. 

“Of course the real question is where did I get the cup of tea? Answer? I’m the Doctor. Just accept it.”

I decided it would be difficult to fairly assess only one part of a two part episode. I am glad I did, because the two halves are greater than the sums of their parts. This was the reunion with the Doctor I had hoped for. It had witty dialogue, new concepts, and old villains acting in unexpected ways. Classic Doctor Who.

Dancing with Daleks

My favourite parts usually involved the interaction between Missy and Clara. Missy and Clara seem to have very mixed feelings about each other. Clara takes some convincing to team up with Missy, with Missy resorting to stopping every plain in flight over the entire planet of Earth. But once they are working together, all the really fun moments are when Missy reminds Clara she isn’t nice, isn’t playing on Team Good, and that she is simply is not human and  playing with an alien rule book. At times, she appears to want to take Clara for her own companion, and at other times she wants to kill her (from jealousy, maybe?). My favourite moment was when Missy was pondering to use Clara as a source of food, followed by her insistence at being called a ‘Time LADY‘, and then closely followed by her pushing Clara into the sewerage ditch to see how deep it is.

Left Hanging?

The Doctor’s highpoint of the first episode was the week long party adrift with punmanship. I love his idea of an axe. I almost wish I could have a pun off with him, when he is in this mood. In the second episode, I was fascinated with his interacts with both versions of Davros. The Doctor seems to be having more fun and is less confused about who he is. I could imagine this Doctor flirting with River, and not coming off second best. His fondness for Clara is no longer a boyfriend/girlfriend thing; He loves Clara more like a true friend and almost a daughter, though they weren’t together enough for any real banter.

The Knight of the Bad Puns

If I give the impression the villains were overshadowed in these episodes, I do apologise. All the antagonists, adversaries, and minions, old school and new school, were magnificent. It was delightful to something new to learn about the Daleks and Davros. And I enjoyed the conclusion of the second episode, when the Daleks were overcome by their own casual cruelty to their own king.

Davros – Your sewers are revolting.

Colony Sarff. Those lines on his face aren’t scars…


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