Generally, I can remain fairly even tempered with other people. But even the most placid human being (which I am most certainly not) has a breaking point. And I am distressed to see the proliferation of the “Steampunk is when Goths Discover Brown” meme.


Steampunk is meant to be a bit of fun. But when you’ve just spent twenty minutes explaining the Steampunk literary genre and Aesthetic to newbies, this meme just confuses the cog out of them. It was funny the first three times. Now I just want to rip out someone’s throat.

This might sound like I’ve lost my sense of humour. After all, Steampunk is just a bit of fun, right?

Right. And wrong. Steampunk is a big part of my life now, and I won’t have it denigrated!  It isn’t a serious genre, but it should still be taken seriously. Goth is not the black version of Steampunk, and Steampunk is not Goth-lite.


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  1. Well said!! I’ve never been into Gothic, although it’s a running joke in our house that most of my clothes are black, but that’s just because most things I buy on a regular basis happen to be that colour!! What I love about Steampunk is more than the costumes, it’s the whole atmosphere, and the communities and people built around the genre. I haven’t been lucky enough to attend an event as yet, but i’m part of several really great groups through Facebook. I’m just getting started, and like the idea you can design your own costumes and accessories, it speaks to the crafter in me!! 🙂

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