The use of gender stereotypes as a lazy way of characterization

I am reblogging several of my posts from two years ago, before I had many people following this Blog. I am still officially on holidays.

Cogpunk Steamscribe

The starting point for this train of thought was a FB discussion/thread I set in motion by posing this question: Why is the character of Velma from Scooby Doo the subject of so much scrutiny about her gender and sexual preference?


This question has been troubling me since I saw a series of articles – and then did an internet search – into the speculation that Velma is a lesbian. At first, I thought that was a wonderful idea, as this was a break away from the hetero-normative stereotype prevalent in children’s and young adult genre, marginalising those individuals who were LGBT. Then I was disturbed by the idea, firstly that society felt the need to sexualize the character of Velma, and then by the way her implied sexuality was being constructed by the use of stereotypes.

Here are some of the original responses to that FB posting:


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