When the Magic Happens

Alice Inspiration

I had a lovely, lucky moment last night. Every Wednesday night, I attend an online ‘Writing Race’ held by the Australian Writers Marketplace. on Facebook. It is not an actual race so much as a get-together of like-minded individuals who enjoy writing, knowing they are in the virtual company of other writers. I find it stimulating. And now I love the race even more, because I had a moment of plotting clarity last night.

In my Steampunk Work-in-Progress, I am in the progress of slashing and burning my first draft into something with more action and less back story. I was writing a scene where my protagonist was learning about a major plot point (foreshadowing). One of my other main characters suddenly came out with a personal experience relating to this plot point … and everything fell into place. The motivations of my characters all started to make so much more sense. I wouldn’t need all the complex explanations I was having to write to detail the motivations of main characters. I had made it PERSONAL!

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! I could just about hug my beamish Muse.

It is this kind of unexpected epiphany that makes writing so addictive to me. I love it when I surprise myself.


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One response to “When the Magic Happens

  1. It is indeed a kind of magic. My preferred word is ‘intuition’.
    A writer needs to nurture it, which first involves turning off all the lights and pumps and speakers playing Mozart that All the World’s How-to-writer-more-better Blogs constantly tell us to install.

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