Fantastic Devices to Improve Your Steampunk Reality Part 2: The Airship

Airships, Automatons, and Aliens...Oh My!

     So, as an extension of my previous post, I am taking a look at another essential piece of technology to the Steampunk genre: Airships. They have been a staple of both the steampunk genre as well as alternative history in general- and with good reason. The images conjured up when a description of a sky filled with airships of all sizes and shapes fills your page are often indescribable.

     Often the images that fill her head resemble flying versions of the traditional water bound vessels, such as this:


     Some with propellers, others with sails, with crews of men and women that appear to have been pulled from high seas adventure stories. These images and others much like them have existed in our minds since Jules Verne first put pen to paper. Amazing machines capable of things that were once only possible in the wildest of imaginations.


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