How to Punk Your Steam: Make it Feminist

For Whom the Gear Turns

emma-watson-he-for-she-speech-1The words “Feminism” and “feminist” have become controversial as of late, but I had always been planning to have this subject be a part of this series. For many of us living today, it can seem ridiculous to consider that half of the population was denied the right to vote (and some people denied it twice, once for their sex and again for their race), but the suffrage movement was considered radical in its day. There is an excellent display of photos, paraphrenalia and accounts by British suffragettes at the Museum of London, and I got a real appreciation for the violent opposition they faced for something which we now take totally as a given. Feminism of course transcends the right to vote, but equality between the sexes (or all along the gender spectrum, depending on who you ask) is the underpinning of it all.

You’ve probably heard of the…

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